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Invite team members to your workspace

Your ability to invite other people to your workspace depends on your role in that particular workspace.

Workspace Owners and Admins can invite members as Admins, Developers, and Contributors to the workspace. → To know about the roles and permissions, click here.

Developers and Contributors cannot invite members to the workspace.

Invitation limits

A workspace on the Growth plan can have up to 10 members.

If you want to invite more than ten members, reach out to us.

For invitation limits, all your pending invitations will also be considered.

To invite members to the workspace.

NimbleBox invite team members


From your Organizational Workspace, click on the 'Teams' from the left Sidebar.


Navigate to the 'Members' tab.


Click on the 'Invite' button.

NimbleBox invite team members


Enter the email of the members and assign them the role. Then, click 'Send Invite.'

Tip: Resend invites to the members with Pending status.

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