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As an organisation and an open source initiative it is very important for us to fix issue and add new features where possible. For this please raise an issue in the NimbleBox/nbox repository. Currently following are the features we are working on:
    scikit-learn: SKLearn is one of the most powerful machine learning toolkits out there. It's vast support and legendary API structure has many inspirations. We are currently working on this and you can check it out in staging branch on our Github.
    onnx-runtime: With OVMS and nbox-serving in place we have the power and flexibility solutions. The nexts step is to bridge the divide between these two and come up with more generalised solutions. With ONNX-Runtime you can get hardware acceleration that can boost your online and offline inference tasks.
    log_verbosity: Currently all the strings get logged, this might create dumps that have 5-6 lines just for one operation. Create a system where it can be turned on/off by the user. It's a bit tricky because of our architecture, lot of things already happen before the initialisation of the package, which means that the input has to be given from OS environment, which then gets annoying.
Sorry sometimes it just takes time to build production grade software!

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wait_for_deployment: passing an extra kwarg to .deploy() method so that it keeps polling till the system is actually deployed.
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