Uploading data from Google Drive
It's not much of a journey to load a project from Google Drive!
Google Drive is a cloud-based platform to store files and folders.
It is a centralized platform that gives easy and secure access to one's folders. You'll be able to download the project to your NimbleBox instance directly from Google Drive.
    Click on 'Download from Google Drive'.
    Open the folder which contains the project, and start developing!
Upload from google drive
Note: For Google Drive integration, your gmail should be same as NimbleBox.ai account.
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Uploading files using gdown utility:

However if your Google account isn't associated with NimbleBox, you can use gdown utility to upload files. Step 1: Upload the file to google drive.
​ Step 2: Click share option. Select "Anyone with this link can view". The highlighted segment is the id (which is available on the path). Copy the ID.
Step 3: Open Jupyter terminal in NimbleBox. Open Jupyter Notebook -> New -> Terminal
Step 4: Type this command in Terminal:
pip install gdown
Step 5: Type the following command to upload the notebook
gdown --id <<ID>>
Replace <<ID>> with the id you have copied.
Step 6: Hurray! The notebook is uploaded
Download using gdown utility

πŸ”§ Troubleshooting:

Google Drive will let you upload files. If you would like to upload folders, use the integration with Google Drive on NimbleBox.
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