Creating a project from scratch
Time to Code
Creating a project from scratch is to begin a project without any pre-existing code β€” a complete blank IDE.
Create a new project from scratch
Creating a project from scratch gives you the freedom to do things your way. You can setup your folder structure, libraries and packages on a blank canvas.
    Click the 'New Project' button on your NimbleBox dashboard​
    Enter the project name and select the template you'd like to choose from. You can start from scratch or you can clone an existing project from GitHub as well.
    Select CPU or GPU based on your requirement.


Using CPU to write code will save your NimbleBox credits! You can easily switch between hardware options later.
    Initialize the project with either VS code, Jupyter Notebook or Jupyter Lab.
    Click on the 'Create 'button to get started!
Starting the instance on NimbleBox


Please be patient. The cloud instance takes around 2 minutes to set-up and start. Until the instance is running, you will not be charged for this time.

πŸ”§ Troubleshooting

'Instance Not Found' error
Here are a few things you can do if your instance is missing:
    Make sure the instance is running. This could happen when the hardware is pre-emptible.
    Make sure you have launched the correct instance and opened the webpage for the same.
    If all else fails, try refreshing the page: Windows : Ctrl + F5 ​Mac : Command + Shift + R
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