CPUs, GPUs and more
Customisable Configurations? Yep, you heard it right.

Choosing between CPU and GPU powered machines

There are two options to choose from β€” a CPU and GPU.


Click on 'Choose hardware configurations'. You can choose among various options such as 2 to 16 cores and what kind of GPU like an Nvidia K80, T4, P100 and V100. You can also choose the GPU count.


Once you are done with the project, click on 'Shutdown'. The edits will be saved.

Pre-emptible and Dedicated instances

    Pre-emptible instances cut down the cost by a great margin. Recommended for non-critical code and not training the model.Warning: The instance is not under your control and might stop when the load in the site increases irrespective of the auto-shutdown timer. It is assured to stop within 24 hrs (high-limit)
    With dedicated instances, you have complete control of their work without any interruption. Choosing non pre-emptive option will stop your instance only when the auto-shutdown timer has reached it's limit.


    All the options are applicable to the other forms of creating an instance as well.
    This opens the project and it has multiple options of VS Code, Jupyter, file manager, terminal, ml flow and google drive. More about this in the next few pages β†’
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