Bring Your GitHub Projects To Your Instance
From Git to NimbleBox. Let's shift that!
Use the GitHub integration to clone repositories directly into your instance in one click. Sign in with GitHub account to view public and private repositories.
GitHub is an open-source platform that allows one to view other public repositories. One can clone any project available and look into what went into it. Use NimbleBox to train your model and evaluate results in realtime.

Connecting your GitHub account to NimbleBox

    Click the 'Create' button on the dashboard.
    Select 'Clone from GitHub' option
    Connect and sync your GitHub account
    View your repositories directly

Cloning from GitHub directly using the URL

    Click the 'Create' button on the NimbleBox Dashboard.
    Select 'Clone from GitHub'.
    Type in the Git URL
    Click Create
Now you'll be able to clone your public and private repositories.
We recommend you to check out how to upload data from GitHub.
Last modified 1mo ago