Resetting Your Instance Environment
Messed up the environment and confused what to do? We've got a feature for you!
Resetting the environment helps in restoring the base environment with which your instance was created.
Resetting your environment does not affect your data or code. It will only remove all the user-installed libraries.
Since installing many different packages can lead to a version mismatch, you might want to start from the beginning without losing any of your files.

Steps :

Make sure you have stopped your instance.
    Click on Settings ⚙️
    Click on Reset Environment
    Type reset in the box
Reset environment from settings
Note: This might take a little while.
Tip: Over and above the base packages, you can install additional packages.
Note: We will protect your data and code. However, we need you to re-install the packages you have previously installed.
Last modified 1mo ago
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