Managing storage
Handle with care.
Keeping only necessary files and managing them
There is a fixed amount storage space available. It is important to make best use of what is available.
    Free up space by removing files that are not presently in use.
    Freeing up space
    Use rm to delete the files.
    Note: The rm command, deletes the files permanently from the disk. It is impossible to retrieve.
    The HDD space also includes the environment. Ensure to uninstall unnecessary packages.


Use rm -r to delete the entire folder along with it's contents
Delete the contents permanently

🔧 Troubleshooting

'Unable to free up the HDD space after deletion of files'

Jupyter notebook has a delete button, which moves files to the trash. If you run the command !rm -r /mnt/disks/user/.Trash-1000/ in a notebook cell, you can clear the trash.
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