Choosing your Development Interface
The Best Interface is the one that works for you
Now that you have made wise decisions on the hardware configurations, step on choosing the IDE that suits the best for you.
Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Lab and VSCode are different Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
Depending on the project needed, you can choose between different IDEs like Jupyter Lab, Notebook, and VS Code, depending on the project needed!
VS Code
Jupyter Notebook
Some advantages of VSCode :
Select VS Code from the left menu bar
  • Version control using Git
  • Use pre-commit filters to get clean notebooks on a repository.
  • Code that needs to be reproduced or going into production can be done here in a proper python script.
  • Code completion is much smoother.
  • Linting highlights, underlines, and tells if there is an error with the code. It also tells when syntax errors or unused variables or importing packages that one may not have installed. Also, linting nudges one to write neater code.
  • One can get an integrated terminal; one can run shell commands directly in the IDE.
  • Better key mapping for editing
  • The customizability of the layout
  • One can get an integrated debugger.
  • Plenty of plugins
Some advantages of Jupyter Notebook :
Select Jupyter notebook from the left menu bar
  • Notebooks are good for proof of concept work or playing around with a new package or quick analysis.
  • Easier to explain and show code
  • Good for rapid development and analysis
  • Jupyter has code+images+interactive elements+rich text
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