Auto-shutdown Timer
Set how long you want the instance to run until it automatically shuts down.
Training models takes time. Instances may run for days for the model to be trained and tested. With that, increased usage results in increased costs.
In order to cut down costs, has an auto-shutdown timer that allows users to fix a set time when the instance should shut down. This can be customized according to the user's needs.
In case you forget to stop your instance, the auto-shutdown timer automatically shuts the instance down.

Steps :

    Click on the 'Settings' icon present on the project card in the NimbleBox Dashboard
    Select options from the auto-shutdown drop-down or set your own custom timer.
    Alternatively, after clicking on 'Start Project', select the auto-shutdown timer from the drop-down
Set auto shutdown timer or define your custom time
Last modified 1mo ago
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